Donald Trump signs 3 exec. orders targeting gang members, drug dealers & drug cartels

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    Shortly before swearing in Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the White House Thursday, President Donald Trump announced the signing of three executive orders related to crime.

    “I’m signing three executive actions today designed to restore safety in America,” Trump said, adding he was fulfilling another campaign promise. “I am directing DOJ and DHS to take all necessary action to break the backs of criminal cartels that have spread across our nation.”

    Additionally, Trump announced a directive for DOJ to convene a task force against violent crime and to come up with a plan to combat violence against law enforcement officers.

    Trump said the swearing in of Sessions represents a new era in fighting crime and told criminals their “day is over.”

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    “A new era of justice begins and it begins right now,” Trump said.

    After being sworn in, Sessions made brief remarks about crime and illegal immigration.

    “We have a crime problem. I wish the rose that we’re seeing in crime in America today was some sort of aberration or blip,” Sessions said. “We need to end that lawlessness that threatens the American people.”

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