Danielle D.I.: The church should shun corrupt pastors

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    Dancehall artiste Danielle D.I. is encouraging the church to speak out against Moravian pastor Rupert Clarke, who was recently charged with having sex with a minor.

    According to the Rebel deejay, it is ironic how the church is so silent on this issue, when only months ago the institution was very vocal about the cover of the Yellow Pages which depicted a scene from a typical dancehall event.

    “It’s like some of our pastors are gangsters. The church gets upset over what they feel to get upset about. For example, look on how they treated the situation with the Yellow Pages. It has been years that we have been hearing about unethical priests, and the church has remained quiet, and this is hypocritical,” she said.

    While she believes all judgement should be left to God, Danielle D.I. said the truth should not be swept under the rug, especially when it affects others.

    “Only God can judge man, but when a thing is as plain and straight forward as this you should speak on it. Because if a God yuh a serve then serve God the right way. This issue concerns our children and their safety should be properly addressed. We have allowed the church to sweep issues like this under the rug for far too long and it must stop now,” she said.

    Danielle D.I. also said she, along with another female artistes, will be launching a motivational initiative geared at speaking up for females who have been abused.

    She is currently working on theme song for the initiative and will reveal the name of the movement within days.

    “We already have the men out there who are killing off the woman dem, and now this? The church is merely a structure, so we have to get it right within ourselves as human beings. It’s either you are a church man or a criminal, make up your mind. How can I look to you for guidance when you are basking in negativity,” said the deejay, who is currently promoting songs like When Gyal Good and Falling For You.

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