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    Dancehall artiste D’Angel has come out in defence of a photo she posted to her Instagram page recently.

    The photo, which shows a scantily-clad D’Angel interacting with her son Marco Dean on the set of her new music video, has sparked a heated conversation on social media. Many users lashed out at the entertainer, labelling the image as inappropriate mainly because of her attire.

    Aware of the buzz that the photo has been creating, a confident D’Angel told THE STAR that she doesn’t care what people think.

    “I never thought people would be so low-minded that they would see this as anything other than a working mom doing what she needs to do,” she said.

    work mode

    “It is what it is. My son is the child of two entertainers, and he understands what his mom does for a living. He enjoys coming on my video shoots and he enjoys watching me work. He knows that I’m not going to walk around like that. He knows that that’s me in work mode. He knows the difference between D’Angel, the artiste, and Michelle, his mother.”

    D’Angel went on to say that she does not take the comments about her as an entertainer to heart, but she has an issue with what is said about her as a parent.

    “You can question my abilities as an artiste all you want, I’m fine with that. But when you touch on parenting and how I raise my child, that’s where I’m going to step in,” she told THE STAR.

    “As a parent, I can’t tell anybody how to raise their child, so why are people having an issue with how I raise mine. I would not expose or put my son in any awkward situation. My son is in the entertainment fraternity and he knows and understands what I do.”

    estranged husband

    For those who cried shame on the entertainer, dragging even her estranged husband, Beenie Man, into the situation, the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Dancehall’ said people are free to think what they want.

    “I really don’t care about what people think. If you think about what people are going to think about you as an entertainer, you’re going to curdle up and stop what you’re doing. We are both entertainers and he (Marco Dean) knows that it’s just work,” D’Angel said.

    Badmind Buk, the music video from which the controversial photo was taken, has been officially released and is currently available for viewing on YouTube. A focused D’Angel said she is looking forward to moving her career to the next level, and she will not be derailed by naysayers.

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