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    REGGAE singer Chronixx and his Zincfence Redemption band are scheduled for an acoustic performance at the newly refurbished Levels on Skyline Drive in Jacks Hill, St Andrew, next Friday.

    The event, part of the Live at the Levels series, is slated for an 8:00 pm start.

    “I want to take the audience into the realm of the production of the songs, which means they are going to hear sounds that they do not normally hear in a regular show. They are going to get the opportunity to focus on certain aspects of the music that, as listeners, they probably bypass by just listening frivolously,” said Chronixx.

    “It is not going to be talking and explanation, it is going to be a performance of the song from the ‘in the making’ perspective. Skyline is intimate and people are going to get to see Zincfence records, Chronixx, Zincfence Redemption and Teflon on stage for the first time,” he continued.

    In additon to Teflon, Jahkime and Silkki Wonda are also expected to perform.

    Chronixx staged the first leg of his Capture Land Jamaica Tour in March, saw him performing in Negril, St Elizabeth, Portland and Kingston. He is known for hit songs including Smile Jamaica, Here Comes Trouble and Behind Curtain.

    Since its first staging in 2014, Live at Levels has featured artistes including Christopher Martin, Keznamdi and Kelissa.

    via JamaicaObserver

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