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    Palm Springs, California: Charly Black, the Gyal You a Party Animal artiste, turned in an energetic set for fans at BRT Weekend’s Desert Madness in Palm Springs, California on Friday night.

    Arriving on stage after an introduction by one of BRT’s promoters, Chris ‘The Party Minister’ Foster, the Trelawny-born artiste encouraged the females to bubble and wine as he delivered a 25-minutes set.

    Dominique from Santiago, who was invited on stage by the artiste, declared “I love dancehall!” as she bent over jiggled and bubbled to the delight of the audience.

    Black was pleased with the reception he got from the crowd. He, however, said that he didn’t expect the event to end as early as it did.

    “Me neva know seh it did a guh done suh early. Dem did a tell mi seh mi did a guh perform 8:30 but mi neva too believe”.

    Event promoters have to adhere to strict cut off times at events with 10 p.m. being the cut off time for Friday’s event.

    Meanwhile, Black, who says his biggest fan base is outside of Jamaica, explained how he prepares for his sets.

    “I don’t prepare from the hotel or my yard. Mi affi deh inside of the venue … Preparation for me is more on spot,” he said.

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