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    Cardi B is making “Money Moves” in a new whip, but the burgeoning rap star doesn’t actually have her driver’s license.

    In a New York Times profile, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper reveals that she’s still learning how to drive despite the purchase of an orange Bentley Bentayga SUV with “peanut butter” interior.

    “I am a rapper. I need this car,” she explains, before admitting a major drawback. “I don’t know how to drive.”

    But that didn’t stop Bardi, who celebrated the $230,000-plus purchase by twerking in front of the new wheels. “Work soo hard for this BIG B right here,” she wrote on Instagram. “And I Cashed out on it , Straight bought the shit.”

    After bumping her top 10 hit “Bodak Yelow,” Bacardi sang along to Migos’ “Kelly Price” while driving through the streets of New York. “Bentley truck, yeah, that’s my choice of ride,” she sang, mimicking Quavo’s chorus.

    Later, she continued singing the Culture standout while getting driving lessons from her father. “I ain’t going to front,” she wrote. “I barely know how to drive. I’m from New York bitch I rode the train all my life ….and then my father don’t make it any better… Screaming at me !!”

    Elsewhere in The New York Times profile, Belcalis confirmed that Offset is “this boy” that she is “dating.” Prior to this, the “Lick” collaborators were only rumored to be dating and they often skirted questions of a romance.

    Up next, Cardi is expected to debut the Spanish remix to “Bodak Yellow,” which is currently No. 8 on the Hot 100.

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