Bugle wraps up promotional tour

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    Entertainer Bugle, who recently returned from a promotional tour of Europe and Japan, feels that he achieved his intended mission, despite facing some challenges.

    “Being in a foreign land for any extended period of time will always present some level of challenges, especially from a cultural or dietary perspective. But thankfully, years of being on the road have allowed us to adapt to these situations so we can remain steadfast on the mission of getting the music to the people and keep the Jamaican and reggae banner flying high,” Bugle said.

    The singer’s tour was aimed at promoting his album, Be Yourself.

    Bugle said he was very thankful, especially to the fans who braved the sometimes unpredictable weather conditions to show their support.

    “People who have travelled to those regions of the world know that the weather is not like Jamaica’s. It can be very unpredictable at time,s and to see a full house at almost every venue, I could not have asked for more from the fans,” he said.

    The tour saw Bugle stopping in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Okayama, Osaka, Tokushima in Japan, as well as Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Bern, Z,rich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Vienna, Pfullendorf, Valencia, Helsinki, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

    The Rasta Party hitmaker returned home on Friday. He had paused the Europe leg of the tour in order to return to Jamaica for the Grand Gala celebrations but later returned to complete his mission.

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