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    Bounty Killer has trashed the holier than thou attitude of his detractors, arguing that he is being unfairly judged.

    The dancehall superstar, who goes by the moniker Warlord, took aim at Shelly-Ann Weeks, a media personality and sexologist, who joined the list of women who have questioned his inclusion in the line-up for today’s International Women’s Day concert.

    The hard-core artiste is set to perform at the free concert being staged at Emancipation Park, Kingston, this evening.

    However, Bounty Killer’s appearance has been overshadowed by a call from the Tambourine Army, through Latoya Nugent, for him to be axed from the line-up due to past allegations of domestic violence. Weeks later joined the party, pointing out that Bounty Killer was charged with beating his girlfriend with a hammer.

    The case against him was dismissed in court.

    Obviously irked by a video that Weeks posted on Instagram, Bounty Killer suggested that she is behaving as if she is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was “born a saint, has never sinned, never did anything wrong in her whole lifetime, or ever been forgiven b4”.

    He noted too that claims that he had abused women were nothing more that unproven allegations.

    “What I am attempting to do here is to show that I’m changed, grown and matured into a better me and I do regret my alleged involvement or whatever, which I’m still paying for up until this day,” Bounty Killer said on Instagram.

    “I condemn domestic violence. It’s wrong, it’s totally unacceptable, and it’s a disease, or merely weakness,” Bounty Killer said.

    “Who has a better voice to speak out than I who have been accused, plus what better platform to express my sincerely apology to the women of this world,” Bounty Killer said.

    In his post, the Warlord said that his stance was influenced by a promise he made to his mother, Miss Ivy, who died in 2012.

    In an interview with THE STAR, Weeks said that she believes Bounty Killer’s comments are “the closest we will get to a public apology.”

    “It seems to have reached a point where he regrets what he had done in the past,” she said.

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