Bolt All-Stars Won The First Leg Of The Three Day Nitro Athletics Meet

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    Olympic Legend Usain Bolt recently competed in a 4x100m mixed-gender medley relay at the Nitro Athletics meet in Melbourne, Australia.

    The Nitro athletics series consist of teams from England, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and China, and a team picked by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt dubbed Bolt All-Stars.

    The teams will compete for team points across three meets. The three-part series began on Saturday with Bolt All-Stars dominating with Australia in second place.

    Bolt All-Stars currently leads on 1080 points, followed by Australia on 1050. China sit on 845 points, followed by Japan with 810 points.

    New Zealand earned 795 points leaving England behind on 735 points.

    Bolt ran the second leg of the mixed-gender relay after receiving the baton from fellow Jamaican Asafa Powell.

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