Alkaline – Side Chick Lyrics

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    (Pre Chorus)
    Something bout mi side gyal
    You meck mi start hate mi wife gyal
    But fi yo wifey a joke wid mi
    Mi seh mi do you something bad gyal

    Something bout mi side gyal
    Mi want you turn mi all the while gyal
    A you mi waan talk to
    A you have the vibes gyal

    Mi gyal you do me so bad
    Mi gyal a me fi tell you
    Hug up mi body gyal and do nuh let go
    Mi gyal you nuh regular, deh pon another level
    A me fi tell you, mi seh a me fi tell you

    Baby your body be calling, am like baby hello!
    So many things baby I wanna tell you
    Like you do me so right baby I got to tell you
    Got to tell you, baby a me fi tell you

    (Verse 1)
    Love wid harmony
    Tell mi weh you want hunny
    You seh fi send a pic
    Mi full yo phone a pic a mi body
    Meck wi cuddle lovey dovey
    How was yo day mi baby
    Who a run dem mouth
    Out today fi mi

    Whenever mi seh ready shi up
    Mi rich and famous shi nuh give a f**k
    Shi don’t even call mi regular
    And a that turn mi on so much

    (Verse 2)
    How much time you come a fi mi yard
    Sexy in a yo shorts
    Seh whe you deh pon
    Mi come fi si you daww!!!
    Drink and wi smoke
    And wi talk and wi laugh
    When you man call yo phone
    And a me a cut it off
    I got you hooked on that
    Everyday suh you waan come hoodine
    Two a we meck the perfect team
    Mi waan run out mi wife gyal and tell you move in

    (Repeat Chorus)

    (Repeat Pre Chorus)

    (Repeat Chorus)

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