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    Agent Sasco (aka Assassin) is preparing to release a new album in the first quarter of 2018. The yet-to-be-titled set will comprise 15 tracks.

    “There will be collaborations on the album and we are aiming for a first quarter of 2018 release,” said Agent Sasco.

    The set will be his fourth studio effort and the follow- up to the critically acclaimed Theory of Reggaetivity which was released last year. His previous albums are 2005’s Infiltration and 2007’s Gully Sit’n.

    Listen Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco Theory of Reggaetivity Album

    Theory of Reggaetivity peaked at number three on the Billboard Reggae album chart in March last year. It is his highest charting effort on the tally.

    Among the producers who will be contributing to Agent Sasco’s new album are Sting International, Ranch Entertainment, Silly Walks Discotheque, Upsetta Productions, Penthouse Music, and Sound Age Entertainment.

    “There are other producers I’m interested in working with on the project including Di Genius, Ghetto Youths International and Stephen Marley. Just haven’t confirmed yet,” said Agent Sasco.

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