26-Year-Old Mom of 4 Creates GoFundMe For Men to Pay Her Bills

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    6-year-old mother of 4, Victoria Byerson, created a Gofundme account strictly for men to donate and pay her bills. She went on a Facebook rant telling guys to stop hitting her up if they aren’t going to be keeping her hair and nails done and paying all of her bills.

    Via her Facebook account she says:

    “For all the n****s in my inbox texting my phone and commenting on my pics. I am 26 yrs old with 4 kids. I am in school but no longer work because of a f***ed up situation. If u are pursuing me come strong and correct cause u are just one of many asking for the same thing. I am looking for STABILITY.

    I have bills and I am not on section 8. If u are not willing to keep my hair done nails done feet done…these bills paid and this p***y happy DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT come for me.”

    Gofundme account reads:

    “Hi everybody!!! Many of u may know who I am already. I’m the 26 yr old mother of four getting bashed for what I am looking for in a MAN. I see um getting a lot of support all the way in Nigeria. All over actually. Many of you say u can support me financially so here is your chance. As I stated before I’m not selling my p*ssy. I deserve a man that can treat me the way I’m supposed to be treated. If u like what u see and would like to get to know me donate and we can move on from there. Thanks everybody!!!

    She is VERY straightforward. A lot of men may be turned off by her approach. She has set a goal of $5,000 on GoFundMe and has only received $35 so far. She has now changed her gofundme account to raise money for a cousin who has a brain tumor. That most certainly wasn’t the original post though. If you want to help pay Victoria’s bills and be her sugar daddy click here.


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