18 KSA communities at high risk of COVID-19 transmission

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    The Ministry of Health and Wellness is monitoring more than 250 active COVID-19 cases across 12 parishes, among them 54 cases from Kingston & St. Andrew (KSA).

    The Three Miles, Constant Spring, Duhaney Park, and Half Way Tree developmental areas are the most affected from the KSA. The cases have come to light through visits of symptomatic persons to hospitals and health centres. They have not so far been traced to any confirmed imported or local cases.

    This is a cause for concern as there would have been an increased risk of transmission by these symptomatic persons to other persons in the communities. The presence of these cases indicates the possibility of spread in the communities and therefore requires that higher levels of surveillance and health education and promotion be conducted in the affected areas.

    The affected communities are:

    1)     Duhaney Park,

    2)     Patrick Gardens,

    3)     Pembroke Hall,

    4)     Cooreville,

    5)     New Haven,

    6)     Half-Way Tree,

    7)     Hughenden,

    8)     Arlene Gardens,

    9)     Molynes Gardens,

    10)     State Gardens,

    11)     Zaidie Gardens,

    12)     Constant Spring,

    13)     Barbican,

    14)     Meadowbrook,

    15)     Havendale,

    16)     Delacree Park,

    17)     Olympic Gardens, and

    18)     Waltham Gardens.

    The coming weeks will, therefore, see the Ministry of Health and Wellness deploying health officers to visit these communities to conduct health surveillance together with community sensitisation and health promotion activities.

    With these new cases over the last two weeks, Kingston and St. Andrew has had a total of 244 confirmed positives.

    Community members are being encouraged to cooperate with the health teams, as they visit homes, places of work and other institutions to undertake the necessary actions in order to reduce the spread of the disease.

    Community members are also advised to practice the required infection prevention and control measures, notably frequent hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing.

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