Tommy Lee Sparta Beaten In Prison

Popular Dancehall entertainer Leroy Russell aka Tommy Lee Sparta was reportedly knocked unconscious following an altercation with correctional officers at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in downtown Kingston on Monday. He was taken on a stretcher to the Kington Public Hospital (KPH) where he received treatment and was later hospitalized.

In a release, the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) claimed that an inmate, whose name was not disclosed, had refused to re-enter his cell following the distribution of breakfast. They claimed that he also hurled his breakfast at a member of staff. Both the inmate and the correctional officer received injuries during the altercation. Meanwhile, inmates who witnessed the incident expressed their displeasure at the situation. “Dem bruck up bout three baton and him nah fight dem … Him just a get pure beaten” an alleged witness stated.

Boss Lady Muzik Inc, management for Tommy Lee Sparta posted on the entertainer’s Instagram page after the incident. “This is to inform all supporters, friends, family, and fans that we are aware of the situation with our dear family member and client … We truly appreciate all your prayers and positive vibrational energy for his speedy recovery.”

At the same time, the entertainer’s legal team is calling for the removal of the officers from active duty who were involved in the incident. “The legal team is looking at all options. We are calling on the Department of Correctional Services to launch an internal investigation into the matter and immediately pull the officers involved from active duty, pending the outcome of the investigative process,” stated attorney-at-law Donahue Martin.

In March 2021, Tommy Lee Sparta was sentenced to three years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm. He also received two years for illegal possession of ammunition. He pleaded guilty to both offenses.

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