Timberlee to open tattoo parlour

Deejay Timberlee is taking on a new art form, opening her own tattoo parlour, called ‘Underground’, soon.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, the deejay says it’s her love for the art form that has driven her to start her own business. Though it has been around for centuries, body art has only recently caught on in Jamaica. A tattoo is created by puncturing the skin with an ink-filled needle.


Timberlee said, “I just love tattoos, I have nine and I just really like them. I discovered my own artist in St Elizabeth, who I think is very talented, and became interested in opening my own place.” The tattoo artist who will be working with her is simply known as Stylez, and has done five of Timberlee’s tattoos. Stylez has already been working with the deejay, as she explained, “He has been coming up every weekend so far and works from my living room from Thursday to Sunday.”

House Vibe

According to Timberlee, Underground will be an appointment-only parlour that will provide a rounded experience for persons. She said, “The whole idea is a house vibe, you’re not going to find Underground in a plaza or anywhere like that. I’m looking for a two-bedroom apartment where you can come and get pierced or tattooed, and while you’re doing that your friends can be playing playstation or having a drink.”

While she hasn’t found her base as yet, she has been actively looking at a few places. This will be the deejay’s first business venture and she is looking forward to the experience. “I’m really excited about it and very sure about it. I hope to bring in a new artist soon as well,” she said.

As to whether she believes a tattoo parlour will be a profitable endeavour she said, “Definitely, we’re looking at persons over the age of 18, dancehall artistes and regular people.”

Outside of her business, Timberlee had been busy doing the Lime Roadshows. She is planning to shoot her video with Cham for their collaboration, Tump Mi, at the end of February, as well as a video shoot and photo shoot for her song with Liquid, titled Like It. She has also been recording with producers such as DJ Kareem, Major Lazer, Equiknoxx, and others.

Source: jamaica-star

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