T.I. Leaked First Official Track "No Matter What" From "Paper Trial"

Although the self proclaimed King of the South had a lot of troubles in the past, he is more than ready to show the world that the grind doesn’t stop for T.I.
The Atlanta rapper recently leaked the first official track “No Matter What” off his highly anticipated album “Paper Trial”.

“I ain’t dead, I ain’t done/ I ain’t scared, I ain’t run/ Still I stand, no matter what/ Here I am, no matter what,” T.I. rhymes in the chorus.

“No Matter What” is influenced by the rapper´s legal troubles. T.I. was pleaded guilty to federal weapon charges and will be sentenced in 2009 to a prison term upon successful completion of an unusual and lengthy community service sentence. The charges stem from a sting operation that culminated in the rap star being arrested in a Midtown Atlanta store parking lot for trying to purchase machine guns and silencers, right before the BET Music awards in October of 2007.

“Facing all kinda time/ but I smile like I’m fine,” the rapper also rhymes. “Let the blog sites and the magazines tell it/ I’m sure to be in jail till 2027.”

Furthermore TIP apologizes for the situation, “Apologies to the fans, I hope you can understand it/ Life can change your direction even when you didn’t plan it.”

“Paper Trail” will hit stores sometime in September.

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