Rapper T.I. is scheduled to report to an Arkansas prison next week to begin serving a one-year-and-one-day jail sentence for felony weapons charges, but he’s thinking something else.

According to the Fort Mill Times, he asked a court on Thursday (May 21) if he could remain free while he seeks placement in a minimum-security prison closer to his Atlanta home.


T.I. (real name: Clifford J. Harris) claims prison officials miscalculated his criminal history. His lawyer called a 2003 incident a “scuffle” with a mall cop. A pre-sentencing report says T.I. has a “serious history of violence.”

The rapper is scheduled to report by noon Tuesday (May 26) to the Federal Correction Institution at Forrest City, Arkansas.

The AP had reported that T.I. had been 305 days of home detention he served while awaiting trial. That credit to affect his sentence.

Despite reports that he’d serve just two months, an MTV report clarified: “the rapper was indeed given credit for the 305 days of home confinement he served while awaiting trial in the case, but that has nothing to do with his prison sentence. The confusion may have stemmed from mixing the credit for home confinement with the prison sentence, which are separate terms.”

U.S. Attorney’s Office Spokesperson Charysee Alexander said once T.I. completes the prison term, he will still have to serve out the remainder of his home confinement, she said, which will amount to about two months.

If he has no incidents while serving his time in prison, he’s likely to get 15% of his year sentence shaved off, so he may serve around 10 months.

Source: BallerStatus

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