Men from sections of Dunkirk in east Kingston have waged war against dancehall artiste Carlton ‘Spragga Benz’ Grant, THE STAR has learnt.

Information reaching THE STAR says the deejay has become the centre of attraction in an ongoing war in the community with men sending constant threats to him and his colleagues.

Spragga was unavailable for comment but a source close to him informed THE STAR about the current happenings.

The source, a native of a section of the community known as ‘Red Square’, said men from McIntyre Villa (more known as ‘Site’), Black Street, Bryden Street and Maiden Street have made it clear that they want Spragga dead or out of the community.

It was said that several threats have been issued to the deejay and colleagues around him.

Di man dem all a sen’ threat, seh anybody who dem see a par roun’ di artiste or a chat to him a guh get bullet,” the source said.

Those threats are seemingly more than just words however, as men, alleged to be in the circles of Spragga, have reportedly been killed.

Detectives from the East Kingston CIB explained that there are at least five reported killings in the area, but motives are yet to be established.

But residents say they are well aware of the motives for the men’s death.

“Dem seh nobody neva did fi go ‘Bally’ funeral and seh nuh nine night neva did fi keep. See it deh, people go di funeral and since that ’bout five youth dead,” a resident pointed out.

It was said that ‘Bally’ was a close colleague of Spragga who died moments after having a conversation with the artiste who, fortunately, left the scene in time.

In addition, it was told to THE STAR that threats on Spragga’s life, were politically motivated.

‘War’ song

According to the source, the situation took a turn for the worse when the deejay recorded Anti-corruption, a social commentary said to include the names of alleged corrupt individuals.

“Da tune release ’bout two months before election and is like it touch a nerve, since it release things get obvious,” the source said.

“Spragga a good youth still, a jus’ through di artiste a bun out di politician dem … Mi roll wid everybody and mi neva see or hear seh Spragga a instigate no foolishness,” one known thug who spoke on condition of anonymity explained.

Amidst the threats and obvious danger, Spragga has remain calm. “Dem man deh seh a Jah a him security eno, him nuh scared him just a tek it one day at a time,” the source claimed.

Some residents of the war-torn community expressed to THE STAR that while Spragga is not known to be a violent individual, they are bracing for what may spiral into an all out war.

“Spragga deal wid di youths dem good, no matter weh dem come from, him cool like dat. Him nuh haffi do nuttin still eno, di yute dem round him ago defen him to di max an a deh so di big war ago bruck out,” one resident explained.

Meanwhile, the police say they have heard rumours of the situation but no formal reports have been made.

“If it is a case where Mr. Grant’s life is being threatened then he needs to make a report in his best interest. If not, the police will not be summoned until himself or someone around him is hurt,” Detective Corporal Malcolm Greene of the East Kingston CIB explained.

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