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The team at Stages Productions have a lot to be thankful for. They can truly be referred to as the Tyler Perry of the local theatre industry. They have taken a single character, Shebada, and have created a groundswell in local roots theatre, akin to what Perry has done with his Madea character.

This year the major production form Stages, Get Out, saw Shebada up to us usual hilarious antics. Jamaicans are still awating the release of the hit play turned movie, Bashment Granny.

ShebadaDebra Ehrhardt

Honourable Mention — Debra Erdhardt’s Jamaica, Farewell

The local threatre-going community was treated to a special production earlier this year.

Debra Erdhardt presented her somewhat biographical one-woman prodution to rave reviews. Jamaica, Farewell was so well-received that the original limited run had to be extended and there were shows in Mandeville and Montego Bay. Word it that there are plans for the movie.

Source: jamaicaobserver

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