'The Truth' about Gaza Kim beating

Singer Kym, formerly known as Gaza Kim, has released a new song which talks about her assault experience called The Truth.

Singer Kym, formerly known as Gaza Kim, has released a new song which talks about her assault experience called The Truth.

In January of this year, the teenage singer, real name Kim Hamilton, was assaulted in the community known as ‘Big Yard’, off Mannings Hill Road.

According to a story previously published in THE STAR, a source close to the ‘Gaza’ crew disclosed that Kym was at Big Yard when she and a group of men got into a verbal altercation. THE STAR source claimed that Vybz Kartel arrived on the scene and the men were instructed to beat her. A statement from Kartel however, denied his involvement in the incident.

Name change

After the incident the singer changed her name from Gaza Kim to Kym and has since officially left the Portmore Empire. She is no longer being managed by Vybz Kartel’s record label Adidjaheim Records.

In an interview with radio host Nikki Z, which can be heard on www.youtube.com, Kym explained the situation saying, “I was told that I inform on Vybz Kartel … I was told to come to the studio 9 o’clock sharp on the day that the incident happened … I was there and I just started to get beaten and I don’t know why.” In the interview, Kym confirmed that she knows the identity of the attackers.

wha’ really gwaan

In The Truth Kym talks directly about the assault. In the intro she says, “my yute me know and you know wha really gwaan.” In the song she sings, “from di day mi born mi fadda neva lay a hand/so how yuh reach so far yuh mek yuh foot go touch mi pants/ a how yuh bright so?”

Kym then explains what happened singing, “siddown a listen mi caw mi nah miss out no part/ everybody know how it start/ first ting 2 o clock inna di mawning/ mi get some text and some calling fi come ova 9 o clock inna di mawning/ but mi neva know a danger calling/ so nuh ask if mi neva get ready, get dress/went over dere and go buck up inna di mess.”

She continues in verse two, “yuh assume sey mi do sumting, is best if yuh come confront mi/ but don’t put yuh hand pon me /caz a neva you birth me/my yute mek it know sey yuh diss/yuh clownies dem beat me up/mi face full up of fist/yuh deh deh pon di scene so whappen afta dis?/unnu believe sey mi weak but mi a di strongest.”

Source: JamaicaStar

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