The LIATI (Love Is All There Is) Project by the Stop the Bleeding Foundation in the USVI has accomplished a lot since its inception addressing issues relating to youth crime in schools, with children and parents. For the latest project Mrs Cheryl Francis, wife of the Lit Governor of the USVI has rounded up the top USVI artistes to reach the people via music, one of the strongest vessels to communicate positive messages to the youth.

Pressure Buss Pipe, Verse Simmonds, Elijah Vegas, Rena Faith Jones, Mada Nile and TSR have come together to create the single “Believe” to bring the message across and get actively involved in a movements against the spreading violence and crime rates in the region. Now the new video is ready as well to take the messgae and music to the next level.

The video was shot in St Croix, USVI and directed by Michael Nissman of Aqua media. Locations used were the St Croix Educational Complex, the Candido Guadeloupe Housing Community as well as the Tutto Bene Restaurant.

The video concept ties of course in with the messages of “Believe”. It is all about believing in oneself and striving to achieve one’s goals. In the video the viewer will be introduced to three people with three separate aspirations. Each one overcomes obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. Despite the separate themes and storylines, they are all connected in the end. The first characters is a young high school sprinter who is bullied because of his worn-down shoes. He is forced to attend school with shoes that are falling apart but he overcomes the teasing on the track, where he uses his same worn-down shoes to anchor the school’s relay team to victory.

The second character is a young girl in high school who dreams of being an artist. Her parents are too occupied with their own lives and spend no time fostering her artistic aspirations. Her parents push her to follow in her sister’s footsteps to becoming a medical doctor. The parents, who are never there, walk into her room and see an incredible mural painted on her bedroom wall. Parents are overcome with a profound astonishment and realization of her talent as they view the mural with such pride.

The third character is a dishwasher, who aspires to be a chef. He gets his chance when working late one evening he begins experimenting with ingredients. When the owner discovers his creation, he is promoted to a line chef. All stories tie together when the track team comes to celebrate their victory at the restaurant in which the young chef works. A painting by the young artist hangs on the wall.

Please support the work of the Stop the Bleeding Foundation and the LIATI Project. For further information please go to and follow us on Twitter @stopthebleedin1

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