The Matured Fullybad Releases Music Video Dedicated To His Daughter

Dancehall sensation Fullybad has impressed many with his latest release dedicated to his daughter which shows a more mature and settled version of the lyrically potent artiste. Known for his witty and grimy gangster songs Fullybad says the birth of his daughter has given him a greater understanding of how precious life is and has given him a renewed sense of focus as he wants to set a solid foundation for his family. 

“My daughter is my world a she mek me guh suh hard a she me a dweet fah as me say in my song and i must say that my mindset is different because of her. From the first day Jah bless me with her its just none stop joy, she is my driving force. Me Haffi set di ting fi me daughter from early so the work never stop and the levels of discipline and focus increased” stated Fullybad. 

 The artiste who recently changed management from popular Selector Foota Hype to USA based label executive Dj Slow Motion says he is very pleased with direction his career and life on a whole is going at present and he says 2021 he will be one of the leading artistes in dancehall. 

“2021 is mine that is all i am going to say” Fullybad stated.

Currently Fullybad is enjoying an earthshattering street buzz with a cluster of singles including Glue, Airplane Mood, Born Fi Dweet and My Daughter. The artiste recently released his debut Album. 

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