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Portmore, St. Catherine

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Grandeur will commence operation at a new location as at September 1, 2010, and that’s a good enough reason to throw a party!

Come view the new store, brand new stock, and enjoy a few drinks on us.Ten things you will find in the new store:

1. Bigger changing rooms
2. More variety in inventory
3. Better displays
4. Bigger lounge areas, more seating
5. Facilities for Debit and Credit Cards
6. Blistering cold AC!
7. Easy-to-find location
8. More attractive decor
9. Better parking
10. Overall, a more awesome shopping experience?

The trendy yet inexpensive boutique will be having a massive clarance sale which ends on August 28.2010 as they get ready for new stock new location and new image, with the same great quality. The boutiques new location will be shop #12 7th Avenue Plaza.

Re-Opening of GRANDEUR

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