'The Doctor' will be out of office – Beenie recovering from hip surgery

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man is now recovering after being diagnosed with a hip condition which required him to undergo corrective surgery to fix the problem. As a result of the surgery, Beenie Man might be missing from the music scene for a short period in order to facilitate the recovery process.

Sources close to the deejay told THE WEEKEND STAR that he recently came out of hospital, is doing well, and is now recovering from the operation.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

When contacted, however, Beenie Man’s brother and manager, Blue, said he was not yet ready to speak to the press as he was fresh out of hospital.

Prior to doing the operation, Beenie Man, in an interview with an popular radio station, said: “I want to tell all my fans and mek them know that I’m gonna be off the market for like six weeks because I have to have an operation done on my hips and it doan mek nuh sense I wait until it get worse.”

The 38-year-old dancehall veteran also mentioned that he needs to get the operation out of the way while still in his ‘young’ days.

Stop The Pain

“You know, better me deal with it now when mi have di time and at this age right now, yuh cyaan get older to do these things, so I have to do it. Is a very important operation to me, it can stop the pain in my legs and the pain in my shoulders,” he said.

Beenie also asked fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers saying, “And to all my fan just keep it strong because I’ll forever be here and just to perform better and not coming offstage and feeling pain. I have to do this operation, so wish mi the best and pray for mi.”

Beenie Man has enjoyed recent success from his songs I’m OK and Rum & Red Bull, which was recently put in rotation at several overseas radio stations.

He also released his Beenie Man and Friends rhythm compilation late last year, the video for which was shot last weekend. The project features entertainers Laden, D’Angel, Ding Dong, Deva Bratt, Cantana and Ceegee, among others.

Source: jamaica-star

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