The Carey James Scores BIG with Prevail Single

New reggae sensation The Carey James has found favor in local and international music circles with his buzzing new single entitled, Prevail. Amid the voracious debate among many musical pundits about whether or not the authentic reggae sound is still popular among and relevant to the youths of today one exceptional young reggae talent has come out shouting to the world that “reggae still rules”. The Carey James says Prevail is doing well because of the positivity it promotes as well as the melodic nature of the track. 

Prevail is a motivational track but it is very catchy and contemporary so young folk as well as older folk like it. I have always maintained that I want to keep my sound as original  as possible while sticking to the traditional elements of reggae from the foundation artistes. I would encourage new acts like myself to stick to the tried, tested and proven sound” stated The Carey James. 

The Self Fulfillment singer says he hopes to keep the reggae fire burning like the great Bob Marley while being a positive example to the youths. The University Of The West Indies graduate says he does positive content and lives his life in a clean way because he understands how influential music is and views being an artiste as way more than just singing good music. 

“To whom much is given much is expected and as such I plan to continue to be a positive youth and artiste because I know the youths of today are listening just like I listened to my elders so from day one I opted to stick to the positive path. My music is medicine for the mind” stated The Carey James.  

Currently The Carey James is busy promoting his new singles entitled Self Fulfillment, Prevail  and Uptown Tenement Yard which are all enjoying daily mainstream rotation in Jamaica, Europe, USA and Africa. 


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