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On  behalf of and the illusion concept team, we’d like to say thanks to all who made House Party possible; regardless of the mishaps, the event made it’s way up above the underdog status.

First and foremost, we thank the almighty creator who made May13th a possible day to keep the said event. Trinity, we hope you get well soon ( you missed it lol ), thanks for granting us the venue. Thanks to the patrons for coming out, even though there were bigger events on the same evening. Thanks to who helped out with preparations and cleaning up.


The event went well for most part, but it wasn’t as expected for others because the house was packed lol.

Here are the photo reviews of what took place that evening:—13.05.11/


Thanks for the “jahkno love”.


Plz to lookout for:


¤ Worthy Gold Malibu Sunset, Jun19th at 4East Kirkland Heights, Red Hills.


¤ The summer version of House Party


¤ G-String, Oct16th at Pearly Beach, Ocho Rios


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