Teego Don’s “Mek It” Song Causes Brawl At Party

Fast rising singjay Teego Don has been carving out his niche in dancehall following the successful release of his latest single entitled, Mek It. The New York City based artiste says he believes in writing music that is relatable and says he strongly believes that the main reason why his latest is doing so well is due to the fact that his choice of topic was one which many people can relate to. 

“If me mek it you mek it me bredda, is a notion that I have been pushing within my circles long before this song was even recorded because it is the best way for massive progression among minorities as well as the wider society. As as yardman (Jamaican)  living and working in America I must say that often times I see my own people fighting against each other which is why I believe this song is opening so many doors for me at present because the topic is very relatable” Teego Don stated. 

Teego Don recalls having to part a fight at a party recently after his song was played which lead to two friends who were at odds for sometime engaging in a nasty street fight. According to Teego Don the song is not a throw word song just an honest expression about a common topic.

 “The other day I had to part a very bad fight between friends who accused each other of fighting against their individual business ventures and it was at that point I truly understood how powerful this song was. The man dem tek it serious star because envy is a everywhere while teamwork is often an illusive concept” Stated Teego Don.  

Currently Teego Don is kept very busy promoting his “Mek It” single as well as recording for several top flight music producers. The visuals for “Mek It” is currently out on all major digital platforms. 

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