Tara Wallace Recalls Meeting Peter Gunz & His “Corny” Approach

Love & Hip-Hop: New York cast member Tara Wallace recently spoke with VladTV about meeting her children’s father and co-cast member, Peter Gunz.

The reality starlet confides that she originally met Peter while attending graduate school and working as a cashier at a local Sam Ash music store. She recalls a bashful Peter “gave his number to someone to give to me.”

She claims, “I did not know who he was when I first met him.” Tara then admits that Peter’s approach was off-putting as she reminisces, “I thought it was all corny. So, I thought this is weird. He can’t even approach me himself.”

Although Tara says that she “didn’t have any intentions of calling him,” fate intervened. She discovered the number while cleaning out her purse and the rest is history! She then dishes on how the casual relationship eventually became serious the year she earned her graduate degree, and following seven years of courtship, the pair welcomed their first child.

Check out the full clip to get the juicy details about how the relationship “just kinda happened,” how and when Peter told Tara about his other children, and Peter showing Tara his consistent support.

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