Tanto Blacks drops words on Macka, Shelly Belly

Animated dancehall artiste, Tanto Blacks, recently recorded a song produced by Supa Hype called Tanto Dance. The song was done in response to Macka Diamond’s single ‘Cow Foot’, of which a video was done displaying dance moves resembling that of Tanto Blacks’ performance moves.

Tanto Blacks claims that the dance was copied by popular street dancer Shelly Belly, who credits himself as being the originator of the move.

According to Tanto Blacks, he had an intention to record a dance song a long time ago. However, since his dance was allegedly stolen, he decided to deal with it right away.

The artiste also says that the song is not a diss song, contrary to what people believe.

“A nuh nuttin wey mi naah guh talk to people, because a music, a love Tanto sey. The only thing, mi just stop eat cow foot, because it irritate mi now,” he said.

A notable line in the song that throws a lyrical punch at Macka Diamond and Shelly Belly is when he says ‘Everybody dun kno sey a Tanto dance. Shelly Belly dem thief Tanto dance, Macka Diamond dem tief Tanto dance.’

According to Tanto Blacks, the song is already getting good rotation on the radio and people are appreciating the effort.

“Everybody a sey it hot, some even sey it hot more dan Anything Yu Want, an a sey dem use to watch Magnum and si di dance fi real,” he said.

“Mi jus a mek di people dem know sey a me mek di dance, a nuh Shelly Belly or Macka Diamond. If they wanna take it as a diss, they can, but I’m just letting the people know that I’m the one who create my dance,” he added.

According to Tanto Blacks, he has his own dancer promoting as well. “Right now mi a endorse a youth name Tanto Duppy, more time mi deh pon stage and him jus appear,” he laughed.

The artiste is presently making preparations to host summer stage shows such as MoBay Jerk Fest, Manchester Fiesta and Portland Kite festival.

“Mi deh ya a whol up mi head and a keep focus. It rough pan young artiste, suh mi jus a work hard and stay current,” he told THE STAR.

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