Tanhoi Celebrates Being Foreva 21

‘Foreva 21’ will see a foray of adult centered games captivating the minds and energies of the patrons . . .

Kingston, Jamaica (A.I.M Inc): Budding Socialite Tanhoi Sinclair will be celebrating her Birthday on Wednesday, December 29 in a social setting befitting of her character; free willed and entertaining. The event dubbed ‘Foreva 21’ wont fall in line with regular social events and parties. For this event she has enlisted the coordinating efforts of A.I.M Inc Entertainment, the management muscle behind events like Tabu Nights, Corkscrew amongst many others. Together they have embarked on delivering not only a memorable birthday celebration but a wonderful time for the patrons who will choose to party with her and her friends.

Tanhoi and Friends Partying at Appleton May Daze 2010Tanhoi celebrating Alca's Birthday with him

Having learned from an early age that she had a genetic blood disorder (Sickle Cell anemia), she was confronted with a frightening possibility of not living to see 21. Due to advances in medical technology, the love of family and friends and the support from the knowledgeable persons at the Sickle Cell Research Unit (SCU) at UWI Mona she has overcome what many thought years ago to be insurmountable. “This event is not just a party it is a true celebration of life” commented Ms. Sinclair.

‘Foreva 21’ will see a foray of adult centered games captivating the minds and energies of the patrons, these games will include: – Drunk Twister, Dominoes (the drinking version), Shot Checkers, 7s, Kings and may more. Plus patrons will be treated to free shots all night while playing games.

Entertainment will be provided by some of the skilled upcoming selectors on the local entertainment scene. Patrons will vibe to the music of Dj Supastylz, Dj Ash, Dj Charm and X Factor Sound.

The event will be hosted at KicBac Bar and Grill (94 Old Hope Road, Kgn – across from Mac D’s Auto). A $500 contribution will get patrons in to party. As an added incentive to enjoy the vibe with good friends, groups of 3 will pay $1000 and Groups of 5 will pay $1500.

Tanhoi has found herself in good company with hosting this event; other entertainment powerhouses have lent their endorsement to this event such as 30 Lounge, ALCA Entertainment, 876 Magazine and Entertainmentjade.com.

It is Tanhoi’s vision to partner with the SCU for future stagings of the event that will ultimately see part benefits going to the organization which played a big part in her being able to celebrate in this fashion.

Foreva 21

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