Tamela Mann – Take Me To The King REMIX (SkerritBwoy x ElectricGospel)

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Its been 12 months since we have been putting out FREE music for #TeamJesus, & this is the final installment for Vol 1.. This video was recorded at “Full Gospel Tabernacle” in Bronx, NY.. It was supose2 be based on a Church party, but the worship & preaching was so powerful, we had to shift the theme to the heart & soul of the Church instead..

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

———- Shout outs ———-

First off thank you Jesus for saving my life. A life i didnt even know i needed saving from, until i look back & see what i was able to get rid of. You came & got me on Nov. 20th 2011. By Dec 4th 2011, you had me enrolled @ Dubspot, learning to make music. Which was awkward, cause i was never interested in even playing an instrument.

Thank you Holy Spirit, for taking control in the studio. Lord knows i spent way more time praying, than actually making the music. Cant even remember how i did most of my music. But i know you had the wheel bro.

Thank you Father Jehovah, for being an awesome father. For providing health, strength, & an abundance of daily bread. Thanks for the angels that you have set to take charge over my family & i. Thanks for the hedge & thanks for giving me the opportunity to make amends for the evil i allowed into this world. Your Bwoy in on the job & will not rest till all fragments are gathered, n nothing lost!

———- Bless up ———-

Bless up Pastor young & the entire Full Gospel Tabernacle crew, for the countless hours of Bible study, & helping me to learn interpretation of the word. For accepting my yellow hair, sagged jeans, & list upon list of questions. lol. I still get a good laugh reading back some of those questions.

Folks you could catch Pastor Young:

in Brooklyn: Sundays 8am – 10am. Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm. @ El Bethel: 3514 Church ave. Bet 35th & Brooklyn ave.

in Bronx: Sundays . 11am – 1pm. Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm. @ Full Gospel Tabernacle: 727 East 222nd Street. Bronx, NY. Off white plains rd.

———- Special thanks & much Blessings to ———-

@Duspot for being the most awesome place to learn anything ever! My 20 months of study, was well spent. Never thought school could be fun & i miss it already. lol. Shout out to all the teachers that took time to encourage, & guide me on my musical journey. I know my 98 questions a day were not easy. SMH.

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