‘Talk Up Yout’ School Tour – Tivoli Gardens High School 2013

“Talk Up Yout” School Tour powered by Emprezz, Unicef, National Bakery, Purewater, IslandGrill. First Stop: Tivoli Gardens High School. Parish: Kingston, Country: Jamaica

Special Guests: Agent Sasco, Steppa

Supporters: NCYD (National Center for Youth Development) ,JYAN (Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network)


Adolescence is an age of opportunity for children and a pivotal time to build on their development, to help them navigate risks and vulnerabilities and to set them on a path to fulfill their potential.

Children and young people who are well-informed, educated, self-confident and are involved in decisions are better able to protect themselves against mental health problems, health problems including HIV, human trafficking, exploitation and other challenges confronting our region. Talk UP Yout is a programme that encourages adolescent development and participation.

Adolescent participation in Jamaica remains highly uneven. The adolescent voice is largely missing from decision-making and policy development. Talk Up Yout’ — a nationally televised talk show hosted by Emprezz Golding — is one of the few platforms designed to share adolescent views on issues affecting young people.

Based on the overwhelming response, Talk Up Yout’ is expanding its reach to adolescents and young people across the island through a school tour. The first phase will be September-December 2013, involving 14 visits to one secondary school per parish.

Each visit will include a panel discussion on pertinent issues and a participatory discussion with some 200 students per school. At each school TALK UP YOUT will provide 500 “where to get help”stickers with contact details for organizations that offer important services for adolescents.

Objective of the TOUR

To document and share the feedback of adolescents on several issues pertaining to education, health and protection, via social media and the Talk Up Yout’ programme. SO SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW…..

Special thanks: Phase 3. SupremeSystems, Talk Up Yout, Infuzion Inc.

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