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20 Sexiest Photos From Trinidad Carnival 2017

Every year, thousands of beautiful half-naked women fill the streets, dancing around with colorful headpieces and having a good time in cities like Rio de

Photo of the Day

Kaci Fennell 2017 Trinidad Carnival

Feb 28: Photo of former Miss Jamaica Universe Kaci Fennell at the 2017 Trinidad Carnival #CarnivalMonday


Trinidad Carnival 2016 with Tribe

LehWeGo delivers behidn the scenes coverage of Trinidad Carnival 2016 with Tribe, check it out!

Featured Photos

20 Beautiful Girls From Trinidad Carnival 2016

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is celebrated similar to that of Jamaica colorful costumes, soca music and beautiful women. Check out twenty (20) of the

Lifestyle & Fashion

Best Of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2016

Photo compilation of some of the best candids from Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2016


Amber Rose and Blac Chyna Slay Trinidad Carnival 2016

The friends who slay together stay together. Amber Rose and Blac Chyna did just that starting on Monday at the 2016 Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival,


Trinidad Carnival 2015: Tuesday with Fantasy

Trinidad carnival 2015 Tuesday with Fantasy, video courtesy of Lehwego


‘Trinidad’ Carnival 2015 Run Thru

We collected YOUR footage to be a part of the World’s first ever Trinidad Carnival Video Run Thru, Your footage combined together to show everyone


Jouvert Xmas – Liquid Colours Band Launch ft Chezlon

WD Entertainment, New Era Entertainment & Team JX presents JOUVERT XMAS & LIQUID COLOURS Band Launch at Military Museum, Chaguaramas TT