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A Jamaican Vampire

When Count Bloodclat gos to make Shelly-Anne his vampire queen he is greeted instead by her younger sister…

How to Carve a Pumpkin w/ Stacey

Stacey takes you through how to carve your first pumpkin. Instagram:

A Jamaican In A Scary Movie

@SeniorGumBoy, @SmithKaila, @Ron_Dias, @itsBRUMBLE In scary movies you never see a Jamaican character. This is probably why.

A Jamaican Apology

After getting in trouble. Dan Dagga has to go apologies to his girlfriend Stacey. He get’s some much…

Life of Stacey

Title: Life of StaceyDescription: I had such a long day at work and things just always seen to…