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Ras Tewelde – Democracy is Hypocrisy (Music Video)

After 'Rastafari Children No Cry, 'One Way ticket', 'You Cyaan Do Dat' and 'Mama Africa', is out now the fifth video from 'One Way Ticket Rasta at Home and Abroad', Ras Tewelde's first album that granted him international attention thanks to the many featurings with Jamaican artists and his Rastafari lyrics in Patwa. Starting with the famous speech of Malcolm X which gives the title to it, 'Democracy is Hypocrisy' recalls the Afro-American fight for equal rights and justice and expresses its strong appeal through an eventually soul contaminated beat. The video was shot in Naples, Ras Tewelde's hometown, and show us some significative locations, such as the N.A.T.O military base, reminding us that the system we are living in is based upon a critical contraddiction: a democracy not paying attention to the people and not respecting basic human principles of morality.