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Nomaddz Trod Continues

It’s without a doubt that the Jamaican dub-poet group Nomaddz has captivated international audiences with their prolific style and sounds and continues to create international waves as their fan base grows. Now with an album under their belt and endorsement from international sporting apparel company PUMA, the group is set for great things.

Nomaddz – The Music and Style

Nomaddz is without question on a mission to international success, with a music video already in rotation and movie deals. The eclectic dub-poetry group formed at Kingston College where all members fused their talents for the creative arts and became known as Nomaddz.

Nomaddz Completing the Trod

‘Just to see who Nomaddz is you have to see them perform live”, is often the most said statement when seeking to find out who these four men are. Nomaddz is without question on a fast rise to international success