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Model: Kerisa Mendez

Born Kingstonian of February 12, 1990, Kerisa Mendez is a down to earth fun to be around person but moody at times. She maintains a certain focus for herself to become the best and have a good perspective of life. She considers herself as a confident yet strong person who always seeks after whatever her talent and skills requires.

Model: Monifa Miller

With her unique exotic features in addition to trademark thick luscious locs, model Monifa Miller, is an up and coming Jamaican- American figure on a mission for great changes from industry to global. She is no ordinary model, this true beauty is indeed an inspirational empress.

Model: Jhenell Grant

Jhenell Grant, a 21 Year old Commercial Model, Currently resides in St Andrew Jamaica. Born and grown in the Franklyn Town Community, she currently attends the University College of the Caribbean, doing her Associate in Management Information System (MIS).

Pulse's Petite Model Hopefuls Take on Challenge

The 15 finalists in Pulse's Petite reality series recently travelled to Villa Ronai in Stony Hill, St Andrew, to begin the quest for a new title in Caribbean modelling. Eager to get noticed in the traditional world of high fashion and glamour, usually reserved for taller models, the girls showed spunk and exuded confidence as they proudly declared why they enrolled in the competition