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Onstage TV Interview: Flippa Mafia (January 12 3013)

Watch Onstage TV Interview with Flippa Mafia discussing his recent Sting 2012 performance, future plans and more.


Flippa's Did Have List is no gimmick

Did Have List is no gimmick, it’s an educating floss, says flossing king Flippa Mafia in his latest tune which discusses what he labels the “did have list”. But while it appears to be just another ‘gimmick’ song, the deejay says he couldn’t be any more serious.


'Still a do my ting,' says Flippa – Artiste hopes to return to Jamaica in April

It’s a new year but the same old Flippa. After experiencing a rough year, some of which was spent behind bars, the deejay is back to doing music and his usual flossing.


Where is Flippa Mafia?

Since being arrested earlier this year in the United States, there are still uncertainties about the whereabouts of Andrew ‘Flippa Mafia’ Davis or if he will be deported to Jamaica in the near future.


Flippa dismisses arrest rumours

Dancehall artiste Flippa Mafia yesterday dismissed rumours that he was arrested by the police and has been unable to leave the island.


Flippa gets EME Awards DJ of the Year nomination

DANCEHALL deejay Flippa Mafia has come a long way in one short year. In December 2008, he was the new kid on the dancehall block, capturing the imagination of the massives ..


Flippa Mafia crashes on Hagley Park Road

Dancehall’s Flossing King, Flippa Mafia, was involved in an accident along Hagley Park Road in Kingston yesterday morning.


Flippa Mafia ready to Sting

It was at Stone Love’s anniversary dance last year that Flossing King Flippa Mafia signalled his intention to have tongues wagging about him in a different kind of way.


Flippa Mafia still looking for Sting clash with Elephant Man

Unhurt after a motor-vehicle accident recently, Flippa Mafia is ready for a clash at Sting with Elephant Man.