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GetMo @GetMo903 – Writer’s Block

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Fauxdashian Alert! Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy Over Campaign Clone

Though really, the surprise here isn't that Kim Kardashian is filing suit against the clothing giant for using a fairly uncanny lookalike in their recent ad campaign. The surprise here is that it took Kim so long to finally get around to filing the paperwork on this Fauxdashian fiasco.

Magnum Marina Sundays is ON!

For the third time since June 12, Danny's Marina in Harbour View will become the island's centre of entertainment as Miss Kitty presents the third instalment of the Magnum Marina Sundays series. That's right - July 10 will come alive with the sounds of great music and good vibes.

Cow Foot, It's Not Just A Meal Anymore

"Cowfoot" It's not something for everyone, either love it or you hate it, a dish common to many Caribbean Islands, has now been transformed into much more. Meet the new "cowfoot", Macka Diamond's way.

Digicel Rising Stars to launch new season tonight

Jamaica can finally stop speculating. The eighth season of Digicel Rising Stars is scheduled to be launched this evening on TVJ with what the organisers say will be "many exciting and surprising changes".

Flippa's Did Have List is no gimmick

Did Have List is no gimmick, it's an educating floss, says flossing king Flippa Mafia in his latest tune which discusses what he labels the "did have list". But while it appears to be just another 'gimmick' song, the deejay says he couldn't be any more serious.

Freddie McGregor hits Hanover tonight

His music has survived over four decades and he continues to be a force in reggae, and come tonight singer Freddie McGregor seeks to live up to those accolades when he performs in Hopewell, Hanover.