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3Star releases single “Nuff Things” addressing his post-combat struggles

3Star is releasing yet another single off his current album “Nothing But Real Talk” for his fans eager for the artiste’s “reality music”. The album consists of anti-violence songs such as “No Bad Man” and “Mr Top Shoota”, conscious songs such as “Angel Voice” and “Sweet Momma” as well as a homage to his home country with “Sweet Jamaica”.

3Star About To Release New Mixtape “It’s A Shame”

Reality music artiste 3Star is gearing up to release his new mixtape “It’s A Shame” on July 23rd in New York. The mixtape release part will also mark the release of a new documentary about 3Star’s life as a Jamaican in the US, a US soldier and an artiste.

3Star Mixtape and Documentary Release Party

3Star is fully focused on his career and he is not about to stop any time soon. This month he is set to release his new mixtape “It’s A Shame” as well as a documentary about his life as a Jamaican in New York, a US soldier and an artiste.

3Star Shoots Video for “Real Talk”

3Star has shot yet another video last weekend in new York, promoting his “reality music” and the album “Nothing But Real Talk”. One of the most outstanding tracks on the album, “Real Talk” was one of the songs 3Star really wanted to promote additionally with a video and let more people besides his seasoned fans listen to the lyrics of the song.

3Star Protects his Name

Jamaican born International artiste 3Star has sought to protecthis tradmark by enforcing his copyright over the name ‘3Star’

3Star Shoots Video with Brock aka Bullet Brak in New York

3Star has teamed up with fellow New York artiste Brock aka Bullet Brak for the single “Want Me Go Jail” and a video will follow shortly. The video shoot will take place in Manhattan and Brooklyn on the weekend of June 11th and 12th.

3 Star Shoots Video for “Mr Top Shoota”

3Star shot the video for his latest release, “Mr Top Shoota” last weekend in New York. The single is the second release off the album ‘Nothing But Real Talk”, which has received rave reviews internationally as well as in Jamaica.