T.I.’s Wife Tiny Says Husband Is Victim Of A ‘Personal Vendetta’

Following T.I.’s return to prison last week, his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is speaking out in defense of her husband, claiming the ATL rap star has been targeted because of his fame.

Tiny tells TMZ that authorities are treating TIP unfairly, on very minor charges, in an attempt to make an example out of him,

“It’s important that the world know how unfair he’s being treated on such minor charges … all because he’s T.I.,” she said. “There are way more dangerous and carefree [celebrities] that get slapped on the wrist and sent on their way.”

The rapper was sent back to prison last week, a day after being freed to serve out the remainder of his sentence at a halfway house.

According to prison officials, TIP broke the rules when he conducted business on his trip to the facility, by riding with his manager and two VH1 producers to talk about his planned reality show.

Tiny told TMZ that someone has a “personal vendetta” against her husband.

“Our family needs [him] .. and because of someone’s personal vendetta against him, we have to watch our kids’ sad faces everyday when he still doesn’t show up at home,” she said.

He is currently scheduled to be released in a few weeks.


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