Swizz Beatz gives his take on DMX’s personal problems, and dismisses beef with Jigga.

In light of Swizz Beatz’ latest “Monster Mondays” release, “Y’all Don’t Really Know,” featuring DMX and Busta Rhymes, the Ruff Ryder producer sat down with VladTV.com to discuss DMX’s highly-publicized struggles.

“X is forever my brother. Whatever he wanna do, I’m with it, as long as it’s the right thing,” explained Swizzy. “X has been X since day one. It’s just that now, people see another side of X that they didn’t see before. X been goin’ to jail. His first song was ‘Born Loser.’ He’s been in and out of group homes. He’s been had this trouble in his life that nobody care about when he wasn’t successful. Then he got successful, and some of those elements leaked out. People didn’t embrace it – they shouldn’t have to embrace it, by the way – I just pray for X a lot, man, because I remember people couldn’t even follow-up after his performances. Period.”

“At the end of the day, you can’t help somebody if they’re not willing to help themselves,” he added.

Swizz also addressed DMX’s recent outburst, where he said “F*** Jay-Z” during a concert in Arizona. “There’s no problem with DMX, with Jay. X is gonna address that in a certain way. It’s 2010. All that fake beef, and all [those] ignorant tones against each other…I don’t get involved in that.”

Watch the interview below:

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