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Artiste, writer and producer S’Voyce has been working tirelessly on his debut album to craft the most perfect representation of who he is as an artiste. The album, entitled “I Became Me” will show the growth of S’Voyce as a person as well as the developments in his musical journey over the years with a mix of sound that is uniquely S’Voyce. The title “I Became Me” represents just that, a young artiste who has found a way to be himself and express it in his music.

The music of S’Voyce is a mixture of genres incorporating hip hop, r’n’b, reggae and various Bahamian musical styles and rhythms. As a producer for White House and owner of Sagini Records, S’Voyce has experience working in the industry . He has written and produced for many Bahamian artistes and has steadily been developing young artistes, honing his skills over the years before taking on the major project of an album.

S’Voyce has taken his skills as well as his personal background, experiences and cultural heritage of being Bahamian and Jamaican as an inspiration to create “I Became Me”, taking the listeners on a musical journey. He also invited other producers to work with him to create this experience. Mr Lynx, Keylo, Jerron of 2Shots and Mark Johnson, all renowned producers and engineers in the Bahamas, have contributed to “I Became Me”.

The album will first be released on all major digital outlets via Tunecore this fall, followed by hard copies in stores across the Caribbean and the US. When asked what his fans can look forward to, S’Voyce says the album has the right tunes for “parties, clubs , events, family reunions, lovers night or even just for random hanging out”. He adds “’I Became Me’ is a must have”.

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