Bahamian artiste and producer S’Voyce has his latest video ready to hit international TV stations! The video for his latest single “Don’t Give Up” was shot around the artiste’s hometown of Nassau, Bahamas at various locations such as the dock on Bay Street, Bev’s Kitchen on Market Street, the White House Sagini Studio as well as the Marley Resort & Spa on Cable Beach.


The video was directed and edited by Ryan Lightbourn, who also has worked with major international stars such as Kanye West. The video for the concept is basically about “boy meets girl” and “boy gets girl”.

S’Voyce says “The video script was originally written by Ryan Lightbourn as a “rags to riches” concept, but the co- host, Nadine Brown of ‘roots and culture’ got sick and could not make it to the first shoot so the video concept was suddenly changed to a “boy meets girl” concept on set on the day of the shoot. The role was played by Joanna, the make up artist, who did a awesome job for such short notice. The video was meant to be a performance video and didn’t really have any true connection with the song , but showed equal interest to the reason to ‘Not Give Up’. No matter what the obstacle might be, whether it is love, life or music – don’t give up!”

The video shoot did not go down without further challenges so the artiste is proud to finally present the final product. The crew was up from 5am in the morning just to end up in traffic on the way to the first location, and therefore run late. It was an enjoyable experience overall though even working through until 3 am the next day. The video was still not completed and the video shoot turned into a pool party on the last set of the video with food, drinks and beautiful woman as well as media houses to cover the shoot. The director Ryan had to catch a afternoon flight back to Florida to complete his following project with Kayne West as he had taken the time out during the editing process to begin shooting “Don’t Give Up”.

Source: AXE-S Media

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