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Bahamian artiste, producer and label CEO S’Voyce is ready for a new year and more success. First up on the agenda for 2012 is the release of his debut album “I Became Me”. The album will be released early in the year and has been anticipated by fans after the release of the singles “I Became Me”, ‘Don’t Give Up” and “Game Recognize Game”.

“Game Recognize Game”, one of the artistes personal favorites, is based on a true story. S’Voyce says he “wanted to share a little of what was happening in my life socially and in my odd relationships. I now use the lessons learned to guide me through life and look out for those who are trying to play games with my head or my heart. Now I know when someone is trying to use me, hence the title ‘Game Recognized Game’”.

For 2012 S’Voyce also plans to shoot various new music videos for himself and for fellow artistes as he plans to add video producer and director to his credentials very soon.

Local performances across the Bahamas as well as international shows are in the planning stages and S’Voyce hopes to travel more, meet fans in person and leave an impact with more live shows.

Keeping busy as an artiste as well as a producer S’Voyce has recently produced the Spanish Ego Riddim and he plans to start voicing Bahamian as well as Caribbean and international artistes in early 2012.

S’Voyce also would especially like to thank every single person, fan and DJ who bought or otherwise supported his EP “Christmas Time Again” as the proceeds were donated to the Ranfurly Children’s Home in Nassau, Bahamas.

Listen/Download Track Below:

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