Suhverto Releases 21-track Mixtape

Suhverto recently released his 21-track mix tape 44 Terror. It was produced through the efforts of Don Rico, Ras Browns, Teflon, and his brother, Popsi.

“The mix tape is about getting to know Suhverto more. Wi bring a different style to the mix tape. It different from what people usually hear. Wi set it up suh that the old can listen it and the young can listen it, any age. There are a variety of songs for you to choose your favourite from,” he said.

The journey to the top is one he looks forward to as he said he likes the challenge and knows he will make it.

“The journey has been challenging so far but with continued work my music ago reach the four corners of the earth, it has taken me very far already and I don’t really have any complains so far and mi give thanks fi dat,” he said.



He added, “From school days wi a deejay and wi always a try come with the versatility, different style and flair. From wi deh a school and a grow up people a seh Suhverto mad.”

His first recording was in 2006 when he did Headline for Stephen McGregor. Later, songs from the artiste from the JOP artiste include, Wi Sick on the Outbreak rhythm, Dem Nuh Really Care on the Bad People rhythm, Hypocrite Fren on the Remedy rhythm and Shake Up Her Body on the Street Swag rhythm for which a video was recently released.

Upcoming songs include a collaboration with Costa Rican artiste, Don Rico, and Complicated, with female artiste Philly.

He is also set to release his next mix tape in February.

What sets him apart from other artistes he said, is his ability to connect with people and to give them what they want to hear.

He said, “At the end of the day it all comes down to versatility and if yuh can talk what the people want to hear. Mi bold, mi brave and mi know how fi get into the people mind, because most times wi have the same thoughts and just need a way to express them.”

He is also fully aware of the impact that music has on people in society, so this inspires him to try to pass on a good message in his songs.

“People are influenced by music in a positive or a negative way. Nuff time people come and seh them can really connect wid Hypocrite Fren,” he said

Suhverto has shared stage with the likes of Aidonia, KipRich, Anthony B, Chan Dizzy among a host of other local acts.

Source: jamaica-star

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