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Young and diverse is what many have started to associate the recently developed video production company, JAYFRESH VIDEO PRODUCTIONS with, operated by Jason McCook and Daniel Simpson, along with Shari Griffith. This group of young Jamaicans have utilized there God given talents in creating story boards that have in turn landed them great jobs and an opportunity the network within the Jamaican music industry with several upcoming and established artiste. It’s the uniquely coined ideas of the production company that has gained them the attention of established video directors on the local scene and random YouTube viewers.

JayFresh Video Production

It’s their GWhizz video “I Feel it” that some argue was their major debut video which they held a launch for at the popular Medusa Bar in St.Andrew Jamaica. The launch of the video can also be said to have been doubled as the launch of Jayfresh Video Productions. Since then they have not looked back or slowed down with more videos being shot and business meetings being held with potential clients, these young talents are indeed slowly making a stamp on the local industry as the new Ras Kassas, Jay Wills, Scorpio 21 and all the other major video production companies in Jamaica.

Jayfresh Video Productions are the creators of videos like GWhizz “I feel it”, Eva Hype “Lovers Go”, and through there personal creations Co-owner Daniel Simpsons creation of Chronic “Miss Me Freestyle” and others.

Its there passion and work ethic that other small business owners have approached the team of Jayfresh Productions in becoming business partners and this has landed them several small projects in creating teaser videos for events and private parties. The young and dynamic team are truly grateful for where they have reached in the short space of time since there development and launch on the local scene. Today they wait to shoot and release more videos from artiste such as Fyakin for his single “Wanting you / Me she Want” and others.

It’s only positive movements for this team and they are indeed making no mistakes in their business associations thus far since their orientation into video production. Jason McCook and Daniel Simpson the directors of Jayfresh Video Production are indeed on the move to become directors in the tip of everyone’s tongue for 2011.

Article By: Kemar Daswell


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