The Stop The Bleeding Organization would like to announce that as of Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 the decision had been made that they could no longer be part of the One Love Music Festival, scheduled for December 30th, 2011 in St Croix. Due to unmitigating circumstances such as timing that decision had been reached last week by the organization’s founder, Mrs Cheryl Francis, wife of the Lt. Governor Gregory R. Francis and the promoter Lenny “The Barber” Hansen.

According to Cheryl Francis, the movement is all about putting down the guns and teaching the children non- violence. She says she “appreciates Mavado’s enthusiasm to join a positive movement that helps our young people to understand the need to stop the violence and put away the gun.” Furthermore, she says “I am thankful we have made an impact on Mavado and he is willing to spread the word of Peace to all who listens to his music and we hope many other artistes will join this movement and promote the positive messages to our children.”

The Stop The Bleeding Organization, based in the US Virgin Islands, stands for non-violence and is actively involved in reducing gun violence and youth crime in the USVI and the Caribbean region.

Cheryl Francis founded Stop the Bleeding Inc. in 2007 to actively involve parents and their children in reducing violence in their communities and the foundation has grown steadily since. Mrs Francis has been working tirelessly to spread positive messages and be active in schools, working with parents, children and teachers alike.

Music is very important in reaching the youth and the organization has recently released the single and video “Believe” featuring the artistes Pressure, Verse Simmonds, Elijah Vegas, Rena Faith, TSR and Mada Nile. Stop The Bleeding would like to express their gratitude to the artistes who invested time, talent and energy in the production and promotion of the song and the music video as well as thank them for their continuous support.

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