STOC :: KIROV Club [ N I N E ] – Interview

The long awaited interview with Mikhail DaCosta of STOC and Dream Elite. Check it out

To begin, we apologize for the lengthy delay in publishing this interview; so to make up for it, we will also be including a review of the new event Kirov Club [ N I N E ] – Coming Soon!

Club [N I N E]

We’ll be starting with the long-awaited interview:

We got in contact with Mikhail DaCosta, affiliate of STOC and Dream Elite.

MVLA: What is STOC? Give us a brief history of the group and the names of the core members.
STOC: Well, it’s an acronym – it stands for ‘Sure Touch Of Class’. The group is formed from a merger of two promotional groups: Sure Entertainment and Pure Class Entertainment – from this merger birthed the name ‘Sure Touch Of Class (STOC). We view STOC as a family, a group of closely-knitted friends. We’ve been working together for the past 5 years. Core members are Omar Clarke, Marc Wells, Adrian Wilson, Richard Brown, Alessandro Boyd and Mikhail DaCosta.

MVLA: What would you say STOC represents and how does the name connect with your core values?
STOC: Simply, it represents what we stand for: ensuring that all events made under our banner will all have one thing in common, regardless of entry fee – a Sure Touch of CLASS!

MVLA: So any past events?
STOC: We’ve done many events, both commercial and private. However, our most popular events are Santa’s Guest List, Fragrance and RE:FILL. Our most active season would definitely be Jamaica’s Prime Party Period – Christmas. We toyed with the idea of an event named after its date, [DECEMBER||NINETEEN], but since then we have reshaped and refined the company’s approach to nightlife events.

MVLA: What’s next for STOC?
STOC: We have a couple projects in the works for 2011, but, for now we’re gonna keep all details ‘hush hush’, as the party promotion industry in Jamaica is very competitive, and we’d like to keep certain vultures from picking at our scraps. However, our current venture is a party series, [ N I N E ]. With the title sponsors, Kirov, we are able to offer premium vodka mixes for the LOW!

MVLA: What inspired the name, [ N I N E ]?
STOC: We were having a ‘brainstorming’ session within the team, and we were all pondering the same questions -‘What do we love about going out?’, ‘What really drags us out of the comfort of our homes to party, instead of just casually hanging out with friends?”. We were left with a total of 9 answers, as there was no way we could focus on just one answer; we presented to the world Kirov Club [ N I N E ]! A cornucopia of everything that makes a party, a PARTY!

MVLA: What is your take on the MVLA Lifestyle and how do you think STOC and/or its event [ N I N E ] represents that?
STOC: Well, one of the tenets of Club [ N I N E ], is haute couture and what’s more haute than MVLA? Also, this event is targeted towards the beau monde, and we think the MVLA Lifestyle LIVES these values! The MVLA Lifestyle has a certain identity that we feel matches our brand and embraces us as a generation and party culture. Its their individuality, their independent sense to be different; thats what the STOC and [ N I N E ] brands represent.

MVLA: Give us some more info on [ N I N E ].
STOC: Kirov Club [ N I N E ] is a one night club experience like no other. We are offering the best in music, drinks and decor. Our djs are carefully selected; not only just by who’s hot on the radio or in the scene but also underground. We also have a list of international selection that would be blazing Kirov [ N I N E ] on occasions. We have to give a special THANK YOU to our sponsors: Kirov, CocoMania Coconut Rum, Appleton and Wray & Nephew – without them it would never be possible!

MVLA: Much thanks to Mikhail DaCosta for the interview, and look out for Kirov Club [ N I N E ] in 2011!!

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