Stir It Up Volume 9 might be our last

Based on people’s ignorance about their material, Twin of Twins says Stir It Up Vol. 9 due in January might be their last.

The twins came to dancehall prominence with their many volumes of the CD, on which they imitate popular figures locally and abroad.

twin of twinsBut despite the popularity of their work, Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor said the next volume might be the final one.

“It’s not a retirement. This is just something we are considering, making volume nine the last volume ’cause we are up against ignorance,” he told THE STAR.

He said the fans are not the ones who have a problem with the CD, but people within the dancehall industry who often take offence to the satirical skits.

“Is like wi a lick wi head pon a brick wall. And when you talk certain things you seem like you are complaining. Opinions with the passage of time might change. Wi nuh know how wi a go feel inna di next three months,” Gaynor said.

“Right now wi deh a da crossroad deh. I guess we a go know if people really want wi fi continue. Wi nuh seh wi stop but wi a think. It’s not a discontinuing, it’s discouraging.”

“A just our 40 day and 40 night dis and when we emerge from the wilderness dem a go know if a di last one or wi just a go sicka dan eva, who knows?”

Gaynor added that there are times when people refer to them as comedians but other times they are taken very seriously. He explained that he cannot understand why they have to explain their skits and songs every time they do them.

Meanwhile, he said Stir It Up Vol. 9 is complete and is now going through the legal procedures. It is at the launch of the CD in January that they will make the public aware of their decision.

But if they do decide to make it their last, Gaynor said their fans might be disappointed.

“Over the years we’ve gathered a cult following who might be upset at the mere thought, but I won’t be conceited, you’ll just have to ask them,” Gaynor told THE STAR.

“We just want our fans to know what we go through to do what we do for them and if a lot of people are contented with ignorance of what we face for them then we must fight another battle worthy of our time and devotion.”

Gaynor is also facing further disappointments, as the memorial for his son Zion that was going to be held at Jerky’s in Manchester on December 31 was denied a permit.

“A kid’s memorial? Dat nuh mek no sense. Is not a who know seh dem bad or gun hand inna di air sort of show,” he said.

As a result, Gaynor said they might have to change the venue or schedule the event for another day early next year.

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